Free Kontakt Instruments

Here all the free Kontakt instruments  I could find from around the net.

Multi Instrument Pack

Impact Soundworks Trial Pack

Full Orchestras (or close)

Palette – Primary Colors (Sign-up & checkout required)

Total Composure Orchestra

Alpine Project


Embertone Intimate Strings  (Sign-up & checkout required)

Performance Samples Christmas 2016 Strings (Checkout required)


Performance Samples Angry Brass (Checkout Required)

Van Houzen Trumpet

Carpenter Trombone (Sign-up required)


Philharmonia Clarinet

Simple Flute


Embertone’s Harmonette (Sign-up & checkout required)

Korean Wind Instruments


Yamaha Pianos

Maestro Concert Grand

Amore Grand

Headroom Piano C3

Steinway Pianos

Ivy Audio Piano in 162 (Sign-up required – Direct Download)

Bechstein Pianos

Sonic Cat Pop Piano

Upright Pianos

Beskhu Upright

Honky Tonk Pianos

Detuned Upright

Intimate Pianos

Intimate Piano

Unknown Pianos

HS Classic Grand

Sample Modern Baby Grand

Electric Pianos

SonicCulture RMI Rocksichord (Sign-up & checkout required)

Pipe Organs

Leeds Town Hall Organ (Sign-up & checkout required)

1850 Pipe Organ (Sign-up & checkout required)

Reed Organs

Vintage Chord Organ (Kontakt)


Soundbetter Singers (Registration required – 5 singers)

Clare Solo  (Sign-up required)

Vocal Morphs  (Sign-up & checkout required)

Mihai Sorohan Choir

Famous Choirs


Pettinhouse has two acoustic guitars, the Classic Guitar and the Acoustic Guitar as well as electric guitars, Direct Guitar 2, Warm Jazz and Humbucker.

Indiginus Free Guitar pack (Requires email address)

Thrash DI Guitar (Requires email)

Bowed Guitar  (Sign-up & checkout required)

Bass Guitar

Direct Bass 2.0

XMas Bass


DrumMic’a (You have to register in German  This site walks you through it.)

SM Drums

Cinematic Synthetic Drums  (Sign-up & checkout required)

Djemko Epic Drum Ensemble

Scott Drums (Sign-up required)

Big Mono (Email required)

Free Jazz Funk Drum Sample Library

Easyrider and RuffRider

Pettinhouse Kits

Retro Drum Kit

Video Game Samples

Super Audio Boy  (Sign-up & checkout required)

Sound Effects

GCN Signature 3 Cowbells (Sign-up Required)

Desk Bell  (Sign-up & checkout required)

Other places to find Kontakt freebies

Xperimenta (donationware, but you can click 0)

Bedroom Producer’s Blog


Samplecast Freebies

VI Control’s Thread